A Biographic Synopsis


The written works of Karl König

A bibliographic index, in chronological order. The list is updated regularly.

The following list of Karl König's written works is based on the catalogue compiled for the Karl König Archive by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg in 1969 and updated in 1992 for the biography "Karl König - A 20th Century Biography" by Hans Müller-Wiedemann.

Apart from some exceptions, only first printings in magazines and as books are included. Titles show the language of the publication.

Translations: Publications in languages other than those used by Karl König himself (English and German) are only listed if published during his lifetime. Later editions are to be found in the lists of the various languages.



Karl König Institute

Translations into other languages

The New Edition of Karl König's Works is being published in English and German. König’s works are, however, more and more in demand in other language areas.

To help you to find these translations we have compiled a list that you can download here - you will see which books have been published in the various languages but where no publisher is named, the translation has been done privately and can usually be obtained through our Archive - for this please use our contact form.

Below you can see which languages are listed in the PDF that you can open here.

Camphill Movement – Directory

The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment to recognizing each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society.

Drawing their inspiration from the principles of anthroposophy, Camphill communities value the profound significance of each human being and practice an art of daily living, mindful of man’s responsibility to the earth, that creates transformative living experiences for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

Today, the Camphill Movement includes more than 100 diverse therapeutic communities in over 20 countries. The Camphill Movement international address and telephone directory can be found in the below PDF download.

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