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Kurt Becker: Minderheiten in Deutschland: Assimiliert? Integriert? Diskriminiert? (Only in German)

The Holocaust throws its dark, long shadow into the German present. The relationship of Germans to their minorities, whether we like it or not, remains burdened by Nazi atrocities throughout the ages.

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Blossoming Starlight

49 hand-written poems by Richard Steel

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Gemeinschaftsbildung im Lichte Michaels

This book is published in English in the New Edition as 'Communities for Tomorrow'

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Lich vom Gelben Stern (Only in German)

Sparks of humanity in the time of the Holocaust

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The Inner Path

The challenges of inner development

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Poems for Kaspar Hauser (only in German)

Poems to the way of the soul through the year, through the landscape, through life

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The Human Soul

A detailed study of the human psyche, of pain, emotions, moods, the senses, consciousness and dreams.

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The Charisma Factor: Being happy with Sisyphos (only in German)

Even with its depth of tragedy, Sisyphos is an image of modern charismatic individualism. By Kurt E. Becker

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Alfred Bergel. Skizzen aus einem vergessenen Leben. (Only in German)

(Is in preparation in English for autumn 2019) Traces of a forgotten biography. The artist and art teacher Alfred Bergel was an important childhood friend for Karl König. The first traces of his biography were to be found in König's diaries, revealing new aspects of König's own childhood and youth.

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Ita Wegman und Karl König Eine biographische Dokumentation

English edition only in the context of the Karl König Workedition

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Karl König und die Anthroposophie

The Englisch edition is available in context of the Karl König Work Edition: Karl König's Path into Anthroposophy

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