Kaspar Hauser Research

The Kaspar Hauser Research Circle of the Karl König Institute

After the death of the prolific Kaspar Hauser researcher Prof. Dr. Hermann Pies in 1983, his extensive historic document collection passed to the publisher Johannes Mayer in Stuttgart who complimented it successively with his own research and book collection about the theme. 33 years after Pies‘ death, in 2016 this precious collection was given to the hands of Eckart Böhmer who has created the Kaspar Hauser Festivals in Ansbach where Kaspar died in 1833. He has directed these festivals every two years since 1998. Since 2016 these festivals have also spread to the United States.

The substantial legacy now needs to be processed and archived so that it can serve future research and public access. In order to accomplish this, Eckart Böhmer founded the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle together with Richard Steel here at the Karl König Institute. The Circle sees a further task in the continuation of research into the enigma Kaspar Hauser and in finding contemporary paths to reach out with this work into general society.

Director: Eckart Böhmer
Council: Dr Anne Weise, Winfried Altmann, Richard Steel