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The New Edition of Karl König's Works is being published in English and German. König’s works are, however, more and more in demand in other language areas.

To help you to find these translations we have compiled a list that you can download here - you will see which books have been published in the various languages but where no publisher is named, the translation has been done privately and can usually be obtained through our Archive - for this please use our contact form.

Below you can see which languages are listed in the PDF that you can open here.

Karl König Books


Publications Catalogue

The Seasons and their Festivals

Human, Earthly and Cosmic Rhythms

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The Calendar of the Soul

Texts and lectures by Karl König as a guide towards the meditative path of the Calendar of the Soul

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Der Traum des Mönchs

Geschichten und Gleichnisse (German Language)

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The First Three Years of the Child

How Children Learn to Walk, Speak and Think

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Die zwölf Sinne des Menschen, Band 1

Band 1: Der Kreis der zwölf Sinne und die Ich-Entwicklung (Only in German language available)

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Before Birth and Beyond Death - The Transformation of the Human Being

A collection of significant lectures and essays by Karl König

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Die zwölf Sinne des Menschen, Band 2

Band 2: Sinnesentwicklung und Leiberfahrung (Only in German language available)

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An Imaginative Zoology (Out of stock)

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Stories, Poems and Meditations

A selection of his creative work

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The Spirit of Camphill

How did the impulse of Dr. Karl König and his young friends as exiles from Nazi Europe grow to become a world-wide movement?

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Kaspar Hauser and Karl König

Karl König's significant work 'The story of Kaspar Hauser', in which he illustrates his deep connection to Kaspar Hauser, who's appearance in Nürnberg is full of riddles

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Plays for the Festivals of the Year

Brings together fourteen of König's plays for the first time. Written for communities to perform together. A reference work including commentary and photograph

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An Inner Journey through the Year

52 colour sketches by König inspired by the weekly Calendar of the Soul verses.

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Becoming Human: A Social Task. The Threefold Social Order

Explores the idea that social change must begin in individuals

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Communities for Tomorrow

How do we connect with our fellow human beings and build successful communities?

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At the Threshold of the Modern Age

Karl König explores the personal stories of twenty-nine pioneers whose work and experiences helped shape that era.

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Über die menschliche Seele (Only in German)

Karl König's studies on the human soul, first published in England in 1959, have lost none of their importance for the phenomenology of mental life.

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Brothers and Sisters

A classic work describing personality traits caused by birth order. Explores the characteristics of first-, second- and third-born children

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I want the meaning of life

This book is in preparation for the English series, including poems, verses and stories by König. Also the Christmas Story will be published in this volume.

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Karl König: My Task

Karl König: My Task is an inspiring introduction to König's remarkable life and work.

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Karl König's Path into Anthroposophy

Follows Karl König's spiritual journey from his early years to the end of his life, through the words of his diaries.

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Ita Wegman and Karl König

Includes the complete correspondence between Wegman and König.

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Social Farming Healing - Humanity and the Earth

Sixteen lectures and essays which consider the relationship between the earth and humanity.

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Nutrition from Earth and Cosmos

Eighteen lectures and essays which consider the significance of nutrition within a spiritual context.

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Karl Konig. A Central-European Biography of the Twentieth Century

By Hans Muller- Wiedemann, edited by Friedwart Bock and translated by Simon Blaxland-de Lange

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The Child with Special Needs

A collection of Karl König's letters and essays in which he considers and discusses the fundamentals of special needs education

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Seeds for Social Renewal - The Camphill Village Conference

Explores the human being and social life, the individual and community, based on König's own experiences in building up Camphill communities.

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The Grail and the Development of Conscience

König often gave lectures based around Christian festivals, and the selection in this book were first presented at Easter time.

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Das Rätsel der drei Johannesgestalten (only in German)

The new volume of the Karl König Werkausgabe places Königs' work on fundamental christological questions in the context of his ideals of community-building

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