Karl König Ambassadors

"Amassadors" of the Karl König Institute are regional representatives, creating awareness and interest in our work, including promoting its material such as books, publications, research, as well as helping to organise local seminars, events and other projects.

At the same time, Ambassadors provide assistance and advice back to the institute, so to help consolidate and strengthen its purpose globally. This may include, among other tasks, helping to conduct lectures, workshops and events, supporting book sales and fundraising, as well as conveying innovative ideas and suggestions.

Rui Manuel Pereira Machado

Born in Porto (Portugal) 1970,

Craft training as potter and ceramics in Coimbra (Portugal)

1990 employee, later group leader and workshop leader in "Casa Santa Isabel" (anthroposophic curative education and social therapy facility in Portugal) until 1997.

1997 Training as a curative education nurse in the Camphill village community Lehenhof (Lake Constance)

Management of a residential group from 1999,

Responsible for the admissions of people with assistance in the community from 2001

Head of the social therapy group on the square from 2010

Still group leader and now executive director since 2020 with a focus on: village life and social therapy.

Anita Pedersen

Born in Hanau in 1961, grew up in Hessen. Married, 4 grown children

Nutritionist, radiesthetist, curative educator and MA of arts: Education, SEN (Special educational needs)

Encounter with anthroposophy at the Dottenfelderhof after graduating from high school.

Studied nutritional sciences (Dipl.oec.troph) in Giessen, followed by a study visit to Emerson College, southern England.

1989 – 1992 Teaching German as a Foreign Language at the Moray Steiner School in Forres, Scotland.

1992 – 1995 House responsibility at Camphill Coleg Elidyr, Wales

1995 – 2013 In the Camphill school community Föhrenbühl as a curative educator in house responsibility with family living and working there. Establishment and management of the canteen kitchen there for 3 years.

2013 - 2020 First deputy, then home management in the Lautenbach living and working community. Since November

2020: Takeover of new areas of activity in Lautenbach: Organization and support of voluntary services, team management and support in outpatient assisted living, advanced training.

Christiana Mentzel-Kemper

Born 1962 in Northern Ireland, Camphill Glencraig.

1972 in Camphill School Community Brachenreuthe

1987-2017 living and working in the Camphill Dorfgemeinschaft HermannsbergLecturer at the Camphill School of Social Work in Frickingen.

Since 2013 until today deputy home manager and personnel management.

Educational qualifications:

Certified social therapist at the Free Academy for Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy.

Development support for people and organizations at the Academy for Development Support and various other training courses.

Peter Beier

Peter Beier, 28.10.1956 born in Neustadt/Holstein

Youth and school days in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony

1977 to 1983 studied English and politics in Göttingen (teaching post at secondary schools)

1979/80 Foreign Language Assistant at Exeter College, Exeter, Great Britain

1983 First encounter with the Camphill movement in Morne Grange, Northern Ireland

1984 to 2010 worked in the Camphill village community in Hermannsberg

2010 to 2015 management and organizational development in the Camphill village community Königsmühle

2015 to date executive director and organizational development at Heydenmühle Odenwald near Darmstadt


Claudia Rordorf

Claudia Rordorf, born in Zurich in 1956. Attended high school in Unterstrass, graduated from high school and qualified as a primary school teacher.

Several years of family stays in The Hague/NL and Munich/DE. 4 children.

8 years assistant to the board of directors at the Goetheanum, 4 years assistant to the head of the clinic in Arlesheim. Development and organization of medical training in Arlesheim and management until 2021.

Therapeutic masseuse according to Dr. medical Simeon Pressel.

Tilman Aichele

born in 1965. After staying for two years in Camphill Ireland he studied Art Therapy in Germany. He worked as an Art Therapist in a Psychiatric Hospital for children and adolescence and with socially deprived children. Starting an art therapy studio in Lübeck in the north of Germany in 1998, from then on doing art therapy as well as working in an old people’s home in the realm of social therapy.

His stay in Camphill even being relatively short made a huge impact on his life. He’s trying to live the Camphill impulse without living in a life sharing community, establishing local Community members circles, engaging in the work of the inner Community both locally and internationally.