Research, Publications and Collaborations



Medicine and the Study of the Human Being

Karl Königs medical work is very diverse. Volumes of the work edition for this area are in progress.


Curative Education and Social Therapy

The impact of Karl Koenig's curative education and its importance for today's call for social inclusion.


Psychology and Pedagogy

Fundamental works by Karl König on psychology and pedagogy have already appeared


Agriculture and Science

In this section the following themes are represented:


Social Questions

The social question is a central theme in the biography of Karl Köng and therefore appears in all sections in various ways.


The Camphill Movement

Karl König was the initiator and co-founder of the Camphill Movement, now a worldwide co-operation of more than 100 communities,


Christianity and the Festivals

Karl könig has developed early in his life a strong relationship to the values of Christianity and to questions regarding the issues of social life.


General Anthroposophy

Anthroposophy is the fundamental basis for the work of Karl Koenig. Thus all his works could potentially be included in this section.


Spiritual Development

The question of how civilization - the social reality - can be changed by anthroposophical spiritual science is directly related to the question of one's own inner training.


Spiritual History and Biography

The history of humankind is at the same time connected with with the wrestling of the individual with their own biography.


Art and Literature

Karl König began something like a social 'Gesamtkunstwerk', the art of living together.


The Biography of Karl König

It is one of the important tasks of the institute to explore the biography of Karl Koenig as a basis for the understanding of his life's work.