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Spiritual History and Biography

The history of humankind is at the same time connected with with the wrestling of the individual with their own biography.


The history of humankind is at the same time connected with with the wrestling of the individual with their own biography. It is an individual but also social karmic task to experiene and grasp one´s biography in its historic context. These two aspects - Spiritual History and Biographies are united in this section. The biographic works about Karl König are summarised in a separate section: "Karl Koenig´s Biography". Especially the book by Hans Müller-Wiedemann shown there has been written excactly in the way described above: "Karl Koenig – A Middle European Biography".

Spiritual History and Biography

Publications, Partners and Collaborations

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ALFRED BERGEL Sketches of a Forgotten Life From Vienna to Theresienstadt and Auschwitz, by Anne Weise

Anne Weise has written an impressive biography of this artist and his painful destiny. It is richly illustrated with docu-ments and pictures, filled with memories of friends and con-temporaries, and it eloquently demonstrates the inner forces that interned people drew upon to survive. It is a personalized view of the Holocaust but stands as a representative for the many, and it accomplishes an important deed by giving one man back his identity.

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Article by Anne Weise

Spiritual Sustenance and Forced Forgery.

Alfred Bergel Opens a New Chapter on Holocaust Art: Spiritual Sustenance and Forced Forgery

"Here we were enduring incredible hardships, bidding our friends, family and colleagues good bye forever at regular intervals, living surrounded by death, sickness, hunger, filth, and cruelty of every imaginable kind – and this brilliant man tried to teach us - secretly - after the official curfew time about such esoteric fine points as color, harmony, balance, form, beauty".

Charlotte Guthmann-Opfermann about Alfred Bergel in Theresienstadt.

Kaspar Hauser and Karl König

Karl König's significant work "The story of Kaspar Hauser", in which he illustrates his deep connection to Kaspar Hauser


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At the Threshold of Modern Age

Karl König explores the personal stories of twenty-nine pioneers whose work and experiences helped shape the late nineteenth century.

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Alfred Bergel. Skizzen aus einem vergessenen Leben. (Only in German)

Traces of life of a forgotten. Alfred Bergel (1902 - 1944) was an artist and drawing teacher from Vienna and friend of Karl König, who frequently reports in his youth diaries about his best friend Fredi.

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Licht vom Gelben Stern (Only in German

Sparks of humanity in the time of the HolocaustMore Information

Winfried Altmann

Indigenous Peoples / Creation mythology

Winfried Altmann has been a volunteer employee since the founding of the Karl König Institute. He brings a lot of experience through his many years of professional activity in the publishing house Urachhaus and the Rudolf Steiner estate administration in our team, but has also been dealing with issues of indigenous peoples for many years - but especially with the very special history of pre-Maori culture of Waitaha in New Zealand. He has made many trips to this people and been very committed to them. He was commissioned by them to transfer the then new book, which until then was only orally transmitted creation mythology, into German.

The book, Song of Waitaha - The legacy of a culture of peace in New Zealand, he has not only very sensitively translated, but also designed in a special way:

Articles by Winfried Altmann can be obtained from the Karl König Institute: Contact


Kaspar Hauser Research Circle

The aim of the Kaspar Hauser Research Circle is to continue the historically important research of Hermann Pies, whose heritage after his death in 1983 was guarded and supplemented by the the Stuttgart publisher Mayer. More information


Videos by Eckart Böhmer:

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