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Alfred Bergel. Skizzen aus einem vergessenen Leben. (Only in German)

(Is in preparation in English for autumn 2019) Traces of a forgotten biography. The artist and art teacher Alfred Bergel was an important childhood friend for Karl König. The first traces of his biography were to be found in König's diaries, revealing new aspects of König's own childhood and youth.

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This book is only available in German

Alfred Bergel (1902 - 1944) was an artist and drawing teacher from Vienna and friend of Karl König, who frequently reports in his youth diaries about his best friend Fredi. After the annexation of Austria Alfred Bergel could not - as hoped for by him - flee; In 1942 he was deported to Theresienstadt by the National Socialists. Imprisoned there, he made numerous artistic works on the inmates of the ghetto and taught children and adolescents in drawing, art history and art appreciation - sometimes in collaboration with the Bauhaus artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeis.



Format: Hardcover
Size: ----
Extent: pages 268
Publisher: Karl König Institute
Publication Date: 1st edition 2014
Series: Other Publications
Subject: Biography
Illustrations: ----
ISBN: 978-3-7725-1942-0
Price: € 39,90