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Psychology and Pedagogy

Fundamental works by Karl König on psychology and pedagogy have already appeared


Some of Karl König´s fundamental works about psychology and pedagogy have been edited already. They show how much he experienced this realm to be the precondition of all social life. Some works about the human evolution - for example about speech and movement - are allocated to the section of Medicine and Study of the Human Being; others, which go beyond these themes are tzo be found in the section of General Anthroposophy. For questions relating to personal inner work and soul development there is a section About the Inner Path.

Psychology and Pedagogy

Publications, Partners and Collaborations

The Human Soul

The nature of the human 'soul' is difficult to describe or quantify, but it is nonetheless something which we know exists in the depths of our being.


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Brothers and Sisters

In this classic work, Karl König attempts to explain the various characteristics of first-, second- and third-born people, without losing sight of the tremendous individuality of the human being.


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Waldorf kindergarten Seminar Berlin

The Waldorf Kindergarten Seminar, Berlin is a center for training and further education in Early Childhood Waldorf Education. Courses are regularly offered for specialist qualification in integration/inclusion




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