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The Charisma Factor: Being happy with Sisyphos (only in German)

Even with its depth of tragedy, Sisyphos is an image of modern charismatic individualism. By Kurt E. Becker

Book Overview

What is fascinatin about the life of a St Paul or Luther? It is the charisma of these persons. At the same time, charisma is what makes one's personal existence meaningful. To live charismatically means to recognize the destiny of one's own life, to follow this destiny and thus to follow a path which only one and one is able to walk.




Format: paparback
Size: 13,1 x 2,3 x 19,2 cm
Extent: 240 pages
Publication Date: Februar 2016
Series: ----
Subject: Social Questions
Illustrations: ----
ISBN:  978-3-95779-025-5
Price: EUR 15,00

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