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Licht vom Gelben Stern (Only in German)

Sparks of humanity in the time of the Holocaust

Book Overview

The Hungarian Jew Robert Fisch was deported as a 19-year-old by the Nazis, he survived the concentration camp Mauthausen and Gunskirchen and a death march. After his liberation, he decided that in his memory, not the hatred, but the love should keep the last word despite the horror experienced. Since then, the doctor and painter has been working for tolerance and humanity in the USA. Composed from the complete works of Robert O. Fisch for the Karl König Institut and translated from the American by Anne Weise.



Format: paperback
Size: ----
Extent: 72 pages
Publisher: INFO 3, Stuttgart
Publication Date: 2016
Series: ----
Subject: Spiritual History and Biography
Illustrations: ----
ISBN: 978-3-95779-047-7
Price: € 18,00

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