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Ita Wegman und Karl König Eine biographische Dokumentation

English edition only in the context of the Karl König Workedition

Book Overview

Ita Wegman accompanied the path of Karl Konig until her death. It enabled him to develop an in-depth relationship with Rudolf Steiner, opened up the field of anthroposophical curative education and helped him flee from the Nazis - the start of the camphill community in Scotland took place with Wegman's support. Peter Selg paints a differentiated picture of the life relationship of Ita Wegman and Karl König and publishes for the first time the received correspondence - 47 letters from the years 1925 to 1941.

Published in English within the New Edition: Ita Wegman and Karl König


Format: paerback

Size: 136 x 203 mm
360 Seiten
Verlag am Goetheanum
Publication date:
25. June 2007
Serie: ----
Karl König Biography
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: 3723512933
Eur 15,00

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