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Der behauste Mensch

Von vier Wänden und einem Dach über dem Kopf (only in German Language available)

Book Overview

A characteristic of humans is that they live and settle down. The living space is part of the intimate sphere and may only be entered upon invitation.

How he "lives" reveals a lot about a person.Behind houses, villages and cities are ideas and concepts, views of the world and people. Living has prerequisites and side effects that, in their change, always also reflect people's self-image.

In 77 "conversations" with personalities from cultural history, Kurt E. Becker reflects on how people are housed. Their requests to speak are original texts from over 2000 years - a reading pleasure with an aha effect.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and ribbon bookmark
Size: 14 x 22cm
Extent: 280 pages
Publisher: Kurt Becker
Publication Date: 1st edition 2021 
Series: Other publications
Subject: Cultural history
Illustrations: ---
ISBN/EAN: 1st edition 2021 
Price: 22,00 €

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