The Calendar of the Soul - A Path to the Spirit Sun

Talk by Richard Steel to the North American Council for Anthroposophic Curative Education and Social Therapy

Michaelmas Address 1 - Spiritual History

“The Spiritual History of Central Europe and the Threefold Structure of the Karlsteijn Castle",

September 20, 1964.

Karl König, from the volume "Becoming Human: A Social Task"

Michael Festival - Michaelmas Address 2

The Michael Festival as a New Festival of Community.

In Memory of Rudolf Steiner's Last Address", Sept. 28, 1964.

Temple Building - Michaelmas Address 3

Audio recording of "Temple Building and Community Building –

Goetheanism and the Goetheanum", September 29, 1964.

Karl König in America

“Karl König - the Refugee Who Started a World Movement. A life for Anthroposophy.”

A talk by Richard Steel to introduce Karl König to the 12 Senses Conference, commemorating 60 years since his lecture series on the senses in Spring Valley, New York.

Easter in the Calendar of the Soul

Richard Steel introduces the first verse of the Calendar of the Soul

“Easter Mood”

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