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General Anthroposophy

Anthroposophy is the fundamental basis for the work of Karl Koenig. Thus all his works could potentially be included in this section.


Anthroposophy is the fundamental basis for the work of Karl Koenig. Thus all his works could potentially be included in this section.Yet with some themes the general anthroposophical aspects are more in the foreground. His studies concerning the human senses therefore have their place here, as as they are not a purely medical description about the physiology of the senses but more a holistic approach to the totality of the senses leading to a new general understanding of the human being.More volumes of Koenig´s works are planned concerning the following themes:
The Human Senses
Memory and Conscience
Birth and Death
The Foundation Stone and the Building of the Goethanum
Reincarnation and Karma


General Anthroposophy

Publicaciones, Colaboradores y Colaboraciones

New Edition:Peter Selg: „Karl König‘s Path into Anthroposophy“

This book follows Karl König's spiritual journey from his early years to the end of his life. Through the words of his diaries, in which his battles with health and his impatient temperament are recorded with merciless honesty, we can follow his inner path that led to profound insights into the nature of children with special needs.

The modern Christianity through the essence Anthroposophia was Karl's deepest motive for life, as a knower to participate in the fate of Christianity, to become one with the intentions of the essence of Anthroposophy." Peter Roth

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