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Agriculture and Science

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  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Nutrition
  • Natural Science
  • Zoology

Agriculture and Science

Publicaciones, Colaboradores y Colaboraciones

Thesis: Camphill-Village Communities in Germany and their Approaches to Nature and Landscape development


Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences

Area of Expertise Organic Farming and Cultivation



Camphill - village communities in Germany and their approaches to nature and landscape development

A qualitative investigation at the Camphill establishments.

Animals. An Imaginative Zoology

This remarkable book offers a closer understanding of specific mammals, fish and birds, as well as great insight into human nature


Available at Floris Books


Nutrition from Earth and Cosmos

Eighteen lectures and essays which consider the significance of nutrition within a spiritual context.

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Social Farming - Healing Humanity and the Earth

"The task is to create a form of social life by which the soil, the plants, the animals are in harmony with each other." Karl KönigKarl König was deeply concerned for the relationship between the earth and humanity, and how landscape, plants and animals contribute to that relationship.

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The Magic of Trees (only in German)

Only in German language available

Working Group for Nutrition Research (German)

The Working Group for Nutrition Research is an independent, non-profit association that researches the foundations of holistic, ecological nutrition. Seminars and lectures will be offered and colloquia will be held. Once a year the general meeting takes place.

Website  (German)

German Association for Social Farming

Following on from the concept of the European working group Farming for Health and several research projects on social farming, the "German Association for Social Agriculture" was founded in 2009. The aim of the DASoL is an exchange forum for the diversity of social agriculture and its further development.

Website (Only in German language)