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Venues, Dates and Lectures - May 18 - May 22 2024

18 Mayo 2024

Exhibitions and Conferences Karl König’s Drawings for the Calendar of the Soul – 2024

Presented by the Karl König Institute. Lectures by Richard Steel



Glenora Farm – Whitsun Festival –

May 18-22, 2024

4766 Waters Rd


BC V9L 6S9



May 18, Saturday

7:00 pm

Welcome Guided Tour of the Exhibition with Richard Steel


May 19, WhitSunday

10 am - 8 pm


‘Whitsun and the Calendar of the Soul’,

Lecture by Richard Steel

Artistic Workshops: Eurythmy, Painting, Singing and Music, Speech Conversation Groups.

Guided Exhibition Tours


May 21, Tuesday

10:00 am

Singing ‘Soul Breathing and World Breathing - An Inner Task for the Climate’,

Lecture by Richard Steel Verses

8, 45,19 shown in Eurythmy, Verse 34 presented in Speech

Artistic Workshops, Conversation Groups,

Guided Exhibition Tours


May 22, Wednesday

10:00 am – 12:15 pm


‘Camphill's Healing Impulse and the Calendar of the Soul’,

Lecture Conversation and Artistic Workshops

Whitsun Festival Closing

Publicaciones / Material Adicional

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