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Camphill impulse and the Etheric Christ

15 Octubre 2020

Autumn retreat of the Camphill northern region, 15th to 17th of October 2020

Invitation to the Autumn retreat of the Camphill northern region

Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th of October 2020


Camphill impulse and the Etheric Christ

An open retreat for the members of the regional group and for people who are supporting and interested in the impulse of Camphill.

Invite your neighbor!

We encourage all the participants to meet physical as much as the local Corona pandemic regulations allows.
We are planning to have this meeting through Zoom, with two hours long sessions per day, between 14:00 – 16:00 Central European time.


Thursday 15th 14:00 Central European time

Introduction to the meeting and the theme. A short meditative part.

Lecture by Richard Steel:

The inner impulse for the founding of Camphill - Christianity as social and esoteric reality.

Plenum and Questions

Work in small groups


Friday 16th 14:00 Central European time

Lecture by Bjarne Edberg

Furthering the theme from the spring meeting ‘What Michael is expecting from us human beings”

Plenum and Questions

Work in the small groups


Saturday 17th 14:00 Central European time

Plan the future meetings, dates of the region, movement meters, etc.


Bible Evening for those who managed to meet.


Warm greetings from the preparation group Jolita, Janos and Matti


Please take contact to Matti if you are interested to take part of themeeting:


Publicaciones / Material Adicional

ES Program October meeting 2020.pdf

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