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Wanderer (Wayfarer)

Poems and autobiographical miniatures (only German)
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Resumen del libro

Presenting a biography - especially an autobiography - is a high level of art in which one has to look at what has become and what has not become with different eyes so that the invisible becomes visible. These eyes therefore need selflessness, love and gratitude, but also a dose of humor. In making the invisible visible, a voice may also become audible. May be it is conscience?

Poems can be pathways towards a biography in this sense; they describe inner experiences in observing the places leads one to the people one meets, the events that take place during ones life. Poems also describe self-reflections that suggest that all of this cannot be coincidental, but that everything is an integral part and can reveal an aspect of that biography.

This volume contains such observations and reflections that have become poems during the past months. New for this volume  are autobiographical miniatures that were created during the same period; on the path towards an autobiography.



Extent: 81 Pages
Publisher: Richard Steel
Publication Date:
Subject: Poems and autobiographical miniature
Price: € 18

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