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Marianne Brandt: Wegbereiterin des Produktdesigns (Only in German)

Als eine der bedeutendsten Gestalterinnen ihrer Zeit beeinflusste Marianne Brandt maßgeblich die Entwicklung des Designs des 20. Jahrhunderts.
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Author: Anne-Kathrin Weise

As one of the most important designers of her time, Marianne Brandt significantly influenced the development of design in the 20th century. The utility device designed by Marianne Brandt embodies the program of the Bauhaus under Gropius: functionally designed, economically well thought-out and often also realized objects planned for series production.

In her last year at the Bauhaus, she temporarily led the metal workshop, a performance that can hardly be overestimated in the previous men's domain. The unfolding of Marianne Brandt's design at the Bauhaus exemplifies the development of the workshop from the silversmith's workshop, where "items suitable for series production, albeit completely handcrafted" and only in small series, were made into a model workshop for industrial series products, and this with the social objective to design cheap and beautiful products for general needs.


Format: French brochure
Size: 13,5 x 21 cm
Extent: 128 Pages
Publisher: Verlagshaus Römerweg and Amazon
Publication Date: September 2018
Series: Bauhaus series of people
Subject: Art, Product design
Illustrations: Four-color
EAN: 978-3-7374-0270-5
Price: 16,90 €

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