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Before Birth and Beyond Death - The Transformation of the Human Being

A collection of significant lectures and essays by Karl König
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Resumen del libro

"We could all benefit positively if we direct our thoughts to all of humankind and consider that birth and death are only portals. We must recognise that the greater part of humankind exists beyond these portals and that we are one with them." Karl König

Karl König, following Rudolf Steiner's teachings, believed that human beings are eternal and that our time in our earthly bodies is just one part of our journey. Our souls exist before birth and continue on beyond death until they are reborn.


Format: Paperback
Size: 216 x 138 mm
Extent: 144 pages
Publisher: Karl König Archive
Publication Date: 20 May 20
Series: Karl König Work Edition
Subject: Spiritual Science
Illustrations: ---
ISBN: 9781782507192
Price: £14.99

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