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Alfred Bergel

Sketches of a Forgotten Life – From Vienna to Auschwitz
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In a remarkable deed of original scholarly research and detailed detective work, Anne Weise recreates sketches of a lost life – of one of the millions of forgotten souls whose lives came to a violent end in the Holocaust. Her focus is Alfred Bergel (1902–1944), an artist and teacher from Vienna who was a close associate of Karl König – the founder of the Camphill Movement for people with special needs – who wrote of Bergel in his youthful diaries as his best friend ‘Fredi’.

After the annexation of Austria, Alfred Bergel found himself unable to escape the horror of the National Socialist regime. Subsequently, in 1942 he was deported to the Theresienstadt camp. Imprisoned there, he produced numerous artistic works of the inmates of the ghetto and taught drawing, art history and art appreciation – sometimes in collaboration with the Bauhaus artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeis. During this period, he was also forced by the Nazis to produce forgeries of classic art works


Autor: Anne Weise

Format: paperback
Size: 24.5 x 19 cm
Extent: pages 308
Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing
Publication Date: 2021
Series: Other Publications
Subject: Biography
Illustrations: 32 pp colour plates
ISBN: 9781912230846
Price: £25.00