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The Twelve Senses: Sensing justice in the encounter

11 Agosto 2021

Online Conference. Start: August 11 - End August 15

The Twelve Senses - A Step into a Human Future

That was the title for the conference to be held in Chestnut Ridge, New York, in August of 2020.


Many people looked forward to celebrate 60 years sinsce Karl König had given his important lecture cycle on the twelve senses there in 1960. It had to be moved to the internet because of Covid-19 - but that made it an even bigger success! Over 900 people registered from around the world, showing how important the theme is.


Now many connections have been made, groups are working on and it is inevitable that a conference will take place again this year - The Twelve Senses 2021, Sensing justice in the encounter


Online Conference

Registration will open in the spring

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