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Calendar of the Soul Exhibition, overview and registration

19 Mayo 2024

How Can the Calendar of the Soul Help Our Lives and the World?

A Conference and Exhibition of Karl König’s Soul Calendar Illustrations

At Glenora Farm

4766 Waters Rd.

Duncan, BC.


Richard Steel speaks to how Rudolf Steiner and Karl König called upon people to work with the Soul Calendar so that they could bring healing to human lives, the social organism, and the being of the earth!

The Calendar of the Soul was so essential to Rudolf Steiner that he gave it as a last deed
while on his death bed!

Karl König’s 52 illustrations can be seen as portals through which we can deepen our inner
journey through the 52 weekly verses. König made these meditative illustrations as a healing
antidote, a response to the horrors of the Second World War.

Richard Steel‘s lectures for the Exhibitions bring insight into these key questions:

Why is now the time to take up the Michaelic challenge of the Calendar of the Soul in a new

‘How can we meet this Michaelic challenge and bring transformation and healing to our lives
and the world? ’

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