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Otse, Botswana. Anthroposophical training on the African continent.

25 August 2024

Open conference for national and international participants from 25. August to 1. September 2024

From the magazine "Goetheanum":

"News from Botswana"


As part of the ‹All Africa Anthroposophic Training› (AAAT), an open conference for national and international participants will take place in Botswana from August 25 to September 1. The event is hosted by the Camphill Community Trust, which is based in Otse, southwest of Gaborone. The AAAT brings together various members and initiatives of the African anthroposophical network in a collective learning experience that focuses on exchange, relationship building and mental health. Central elements of the program are joint nature and text studies as well as practice-oriented workshops in biodynamic agriculture, curative education, Waldorf education, eurythmy, anthroposophic medicine as well as in fine art and architecture. The participants live and learn together as a group for a week and thus get a personal impression of what it means to be part of a community that supports its members in their individual development.


Website: AAAT


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