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Karl König: The Refugee Doctor Who Pioneered Art as a Language for Social Therapeutic Care

15 March 2020

15 March 2020: An Art in Community UK event, in partnership with the Karl Koenig Institute and The Mount Camphill


We are very sorry to have to cancel these  event because of the national and international health crisis. As soon as we are able, we will re-organise and post new dates here. With thanks for your understanding and best wishes for your health!"


The story of Camphill is a life affirming story of refugees helping refugees, of seeking and finding home through care of the other.


In a BBC4 interview (1964) with Dr Karl König, the Camphill Movement, which he founded as a refugee fleeing Nazi Europe, was hailed as the greatest social experiment of the 20th century. Since the first home in Scotland 1939, the Camphill Movement continues to spread its healing aesthetic of social care for marginalised people, to over 100 Camphill communities worldwide. Central to the design of this remarkable social experiment is the transformative role of Art in holistic community building.


ART IN COMMUNITY invites refugees, migrants and friends to meet and share their stories through engagement with the healing arts. Join us as we celebrate the story of Karl Koenig and 80 years of Camphill through talks, films and creative encounters, leading to a day of art and community in the idyllic setting of a Camphill community, in May.


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St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

78 Bishopsgate

London EC2N 4AG

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