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A Christmas Message for our Friends

03 December 2020

New approach to Christmas

We are now living through a pandemic, a time in which many people experience fear – a feeling that creeps in when we are confronted by the unknown, unseen. And we are dealing with something that is below the sensual boundaries – unseen and seemingly incomprehensible. It is a time when most people withdraw from the sensual world to varying extents, certainly from real encounters with other human beings.


More and more we are thrust towards the increased use of “virtual reality”, even children have to lengthen their time online, although studies had only recently confirmed what most people’s common sense had told them – that this is not the way of the child into the world….and is not a replacement for person to person teaching. Dilemma over dilemma as we revert to “social media” (although that name is perhaps in itself an Orwellian statement), we connect via Skype that has nothing to do with sky or the heavens at all, or via Zoom as we appear to zoom around the globe, or perhaps we use Facebook, although we see almost everything about some of our friends there – just not a real face that reveals something of the inner disposition, gives expression to soul and spirit and invites us to enter this soul space, particularly by looking into the eyes.


Yes, the danger has increased that we get entangled in the spider’s world wide web. And at the same time we are given the best opportunity to consider the significance of human existence – can humanity exist without true encounter from one to the other? What is the meaning of human life and our connection to the realities of the sensual world around us? What is the true origin of the human being? Is there also a supersensual portion to our being?


I think these – and many others that arise in the present situation – are questions that could well open a new approach to Christmas, questions that can direct us towards a new era before us…..could it be a “turning point of time”?


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