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Waitaha – Weisheit und Liebe (Only in German)

Begegnungen mit einer alten Friedenskultur in Neuseeland

Book Overview

The Waitaha can be traced back to the oldest settlers in New Zealand. They were a matriarchal people of peace and knew no weapons; They lived in a non-violent society in harmony with nature and in cooperation with other peoples. In their initiation schools they have preserved a rich esoteric knowledge for thousands of years. The last Waitaha people still alive today began their story as the Song of Waitaha published in 1994, The Histories of a Nation .



Format: Flap brochure
Size: ---
Extent: 144 Pages
Publisher: INFO3 Verlag
Publication Date: First Edition 2024
Series: ---
Subject: Deep knowledge and lived mindfulness
Illustrations: With 12 colored illustrations
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-95779-201-3
Price: € 19,90

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