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Kurt Becker: Minderheiten in Deutschland: Assimiliert? Integriert? Diskriminiert? (Only in German)

The Holocaust throws its dark, long shadow into the German present. The relationship of Germans to their minorities, whether we like it or not, remains burdened by Nazi atrocities throughout the ages.

Book Overview

"The story of Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, called Jud Süß", which was performed at the Nibelungen Festival 2011, draws interest in our relationship with the Jews living in Germany, the minorities of Sinti and Roma, Turks, Indians or Iranians - and not to mention the handling of disabled people. What is our attitude towards minorities in Germany?


Format: papaerback, second hand
Size: ----
Extent: pages 226
Publisher: Worms Verlag, Kurt Becker
Publication Date: 1. Edition 2011
Series: Other Publications
Subject: Social Questio
Illustrations: 25 diagrammes
ISBN-10: 393611823X
Price: From EUR 4,74

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