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ACESTA Vonference - Courage, Love & Meaning (in Englisch)

15 Mai 2020

Michaelic Tasks for the Healing of our Time: Talk by Richard Steel, Friday 15th May 2020 (in Englisch)

8 pm


Talk and workshops during the ACESTA Conference from 14. - 17. May 2020

Workshop 14., 15., 16.5. : Karl könig and Threefold Practice

(full programme and more information in the below attached PDF's)



Emerson College

Hartfield Road

Forest Row

East Sussex RH18 5JX

United Kingdom


Courage Love and Meaning: Tools for Resilience in the here and now

The here and now where we need to find the necessary tools to deal with the challenges in education, the conundrums in our social lives, the bureaucratic forms and new paradigms in politics and digital communications, the sorrows in the realm of work and the environment ith its huge changes through industrialization and Artificial Intelligence.

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