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15 Mai 2020

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Richard Steel and Vicky Syme Right now we would like to share about an organization called „Insiders – Outsiders“ that was created in London just over a year ago. It is a nationwide arts festival celebrating refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British culture - a festival planned to last the whole year from March 2019 to March 2020. We would have marked the end of this festival with an event about Camphill….of course this has has to be postponed. Well, March 2020 should have marked the official end of the festival, but because of the popularity of their events, which have taken place all over Britain, including all the arts, many lectures and courses, it has now become the beginning of a longer-term commitment to celebrating the impact of this remarkable generation of émigrés under the Insiders/Outsiders umbrella. So because our event had to be cancelled due to pandemic regulations does not mean that we will not continue this interesting collaboration.

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